2020 Festival Dates:

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Friday, March 20, 2020

Step 1: School Registration Form

The School Registration form in the first step to ensure your students will attend the 2020 Ocean County Teen Arts Festival. This form should be filled out by your school’s Teen Arts Coordinator and submitted ONCE. Please talk with teachers from all disciplines before submitting and indicate, to the best of your ability, what areas your students will participate in (it’s ok if you make changes later on, but we use this to plan workshops and adjudicators). 
Due Date: Friday, January 17, 2020
Who fills out this form: Teen Arts Coordinators

Number of Submissions: 1 per school

Step 2: Entry Forms

The Entry Forms are used to submit your individual students and groups performances, artwork, and writing submissions for adjudication. This form should be filled out by the discipline teachers for each student or group submission.
Due Date: Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Who fills out this form: Teachers/Directors for their discipline

Number of Submissions: As many as needed as per Festival Guidelines
Creative Writing Entry Form
Dance Entry Form
Instrumental Entry Form
Musical Theatre Entry Form
Theatre/Drama Entry Form

Video Entry Form
Visual Arts Entry Form

Vocal Entry Form
Barnegat Bay Art Contest Entry Form

Step 2A: Visual Arts Info Cards

Visual Arts submissions require hanging by teachers prior to the Festival Dates. For each piece submitted, please fill out an Information Card and attach to the artwork submitted. This fillable PDF must be typed and printed, we cannot accept hand written entry cards. 
Due Date: Visual Art Setup March 9 -11, 2020
Who fills out this form: Visual Arts Teachers

Number of Submissions: 1 Info Card per piece, must be typed

Step 3: Online Workshop Registration

In addition to adjudications, Workshops are also offered to students to attend during the festival. Registering for workshops in advance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as many have limited spaces available and fill up quickly. This should be done by the individual student based on their individual festival schedule. 
Due Date: TBA March 2020
Who fills out this form: Students

Number of Submissions: 1 per workshop