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Festival Highlights

The Ocean County Teen Arts Festival will take place the week of March 21st to 25th. Virtual adjudications and workshops will take place throughout the week, with in-person adjudications, performances, and workshops held at Ocean County College on March 22nd and 23rd.
The Virtual Festival will feature many of the same elements of past year's in-person events, but conducted virtually. These features include:
  • Student Performances
  • Student Critiques
  • Student Workshops
Following is a brief description of each of these major components:

Student Critiques

The Ocean County Teen Arts Festival is not a competition. Performances will not be compared or ranked in any way. Instead, the focus will be on sharing achievements and learning. All student work at the Festival will be critiqued (or as we say, adjudicated) by professional artist adjudicators.

The professional artist/adjudicators at the Festival will provide in-depth critical reviews and analysis of the students’ works, performances and group presentations — a process that all students report to be most beneficial to their growth as artists.

It is important to remember that students will be adjudicated solely on their performances or artwork, not on the quality of the video or the production value. Because of the importance of the critique to the success of the Festival, all Festival adjudicators will receive training in assessing student performances.

Student Workshops

We will be offering several virtual workshops in multiple disciplines throughout the week. Some may be open to the public as well.

The workshops and master classes help students develop perceptual, intellectual and technical skills; gain cultural awareness and understanding of various art forms; and develop personal aesthetic values. All Ocean County students attending the Festival may participate in these workshops and classes.


Students selected for Outstanding Achievement may be eligible to receive scholarship monies. More details to come.

Performances and Celebration

Details to follow.