We are excited to announce that this year’s Teen Arts Festival will revolve around the theme:

20/20 Vision

It is a perfect time and opportunity to explore the past as well as ask ourselves what the future holds. What do our choices and the way we choose to view them say about us? Is the future set in stone? Art carries with it the incredible power to shed new light on the past. It manufactures the lenses required to see old things in a new way while simultaneously sharpening our visions for the future. It provides people the opportunity to see life from an angle at which they’ve never before seen it. We want to see students use their creativity as a means of showing both the potential Dystopian doom of the future as well as its perfect Utopian possibilities and everything in between. Every great action, speech, and vision starts with a creative idea, and every idea pursued leads somewhere. Can we look at the past through new and stronger eyes in order to navigate our way into a better future for all or is history doomed to repeat itself? These are the important questions of our time, and we would love to see your students apply their creative energies to this theme. Our hope is that this year’s theme will motivate your students to reach into the past as well as look to the future through their creative work.